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Cook, wine and dine with us - exploration of the Cape cuisine

 The Cape Cuisine - a rainbow of the cultures

The Cape Cuisine - rainbow of the cultures

"Rainbow Cuisine" defines the food style in South Africa. It is a term that reflects the cultural depth, creative spectrum and spiritual unity of a diverse nation. The cuisine depicts a blend of many cultural societies that have lived in South Africa for the past 350 years - African, Asian and European: with a tantalizing table, that has evolved over the centuries. It showcases the varied European food traditions of the Dutch, English, French, Italian and Portuguese. It presents the fruity sweet and sour tastes of the Malay who where brought to the Cape as slaves by the Dutch colonials. It includes the spicy curries from India, and - of course - it encompasses the indigenous fare of the African tribes.

The creative chefs enjoy great freedom in presenting a unique cuisine. At their fingertips is a land blessed with abundant seafood, plentiful wild game, a bountiful harvest of orchard and sub tropical fruits as well as vegetables. Alongside this are extraordinary wines that complement the chefs' dishes.

We offer cooking lessons with one of the Chefs of Cape Town as well as dinner in a private atmosphere. The cooking lessons incorporate either one or two sessions. You will prepare a Three Course Menu together with a professional chef in his cooking studio. He will explain the preparations of all dishes and supply all recipes. Later you will enjoy the menu with a setting Dinner. If you simply want to be spoiled, sit down with us at our table and indulge your tongue in the variety of the Cape Cuisine. Minimum booking: 6 persons.

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