Our philosophy of the 5 Elements of Life... read more!

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 your guide for gourmets and connoisseurs
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Wanderer between cultures

Originally from Germany, Ludger Pooth, is living in Cape Town since 2000. His media career with German newspapers, radio and television brought him around the globe. In 1993 he visited South Africa for the first time. At that time the Apartheid had come to its end. South Africa was on the way to freedom and democracy.

Ludger is a journalist with a distinctive sense for a fine Lifestyle, a man with a culinary past.

Prior to his move into the media he has been a pastry chef, the roots he proudly kept throughout his media career. Later becoming a passionate hobby chef Ludger Pooth curiously peeped into the pots and pans of many nations, while on media missions or private journeys.

He gathered recopies, gained experiences in tolerating other cultures.

Finally, the journalist concluded South Africa is the right country to settle – a country as exciting as his life and as colourful as its people.

In his opinion media and tourism are very much similar. It is all about meeting people of diverse descent, working with and learning from them. Ludger is a wanderer between the cultures. His motto: “Let’s live – the label we shall stick on later”

Tell us your passions and we will satisfy them!

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Our Philosophy of the Five Elements of Life

Explore the three elements that let excellent wines grow!

Experience the wine estates in the most scenic landscape of South Africa. Drive in a vintage car through green valleys and high mountains. Meet the hospitable people of the Winelands. Indulge your tongue with the variety of wines that the Western Cape has to offer.

Enjoy sailing along the picturesque coastline of Cape Town. Relax on the most beautiful beaches of South Africa. Try your hand at fishing. Simply get a taste of the sights, smell and sound of the Atlantic Ocean.

Fly the crystal blue sky over Table Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope. Explore the beauty of the Peninsula and the Winelands by helicopter or private aeroplane.

Enjoy the fourth element that makes you dine!


Be a chef. Discover the diversity of the Cape Cuisine. Learn some of the secrets of well known chefs of Cape Town. Enjoy extensive dinners with the best wines. Meet the best Sommeliers of Cape Town. Have a typical braai, the south African BBQ. Listen to old and new stories in front of a cozy bonfire.

Find the fifth element that takes you there!

 Our philosophy of the 5 Elements of Life... read more!
 Cape Gourmet Adventure Tours
 your guide for gourmets and connoisseurs

Wine and Dine in the Five Elements!

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