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Guide through the night life of Cape Town

 Cape Town - the swinging Mother City

Cape Town - the swinging Mother City

Cape Town is called the Mother City because everything began at the Cape, the southern tip of Africa, when Dutch sailor Jan van Riebeeck of the Dutch East Indian Company landed in 1652. Sir Francis Drake, Her Majesty's buccaneer declared it the fairest Cape of all. Cape Town nowadays is a swinging and vibrant metropolis, as colourful as its people. The city reflects many epochs, modern skyscrapers, old colonial buildings and Art Deco blocks. The harmony two Oceans and Table Mountain makes Cape Town one of the world's most beautiful cities and a very popular destination. With the International Convention Centre, Cape Town is also the city for exhibitions, conventions, business and lifestyle. This convenient combination can be found nowhere else. The city offers magnificent beaches, extensive offers in culture, entertainment and sports, bars, restaurants, clubs and a breathtaking landscape. This is Cape Town, the swinging Mother City.

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