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The Restaurants - dine with diversity

Cape Town – the Gourmet Capitol

Cape Town is home to a wide variety of excellent restaurants presenting a range of cuisine from fresh Mediterranean flavours to exotic Asian spices, local Cape Malay dishes and traditional African meals. Restaurants in Cape Town are generally well-priced and are often run by top internationally trained chefs. In addition you'll generally find excellent wine lists offering a wide selection of top local wines and, more often than not the location itself will offer superb views and a memorable ambience.

With the huge variety of culinary delights available here, we are all in agreement that eating out is a favourite past time. Whether it is some delicious sushi for lunch with a business partner or lingering over extensive dinners with great friends, we are slaves of good food. Plenty new and excellent restaurants in Cape Town have opened in recent years. The competition is tough, the diversity is enormous. This combination delivers quality. Also local is not just "lekker" in terms of location. South African cuisine has undergone a fascinating development. Creative chefs are combining traditional dishes in using ingredients from various cuisines of local cultures. Not the typical roasted shank of Karoo lamb, but rather braised in a gravy of 29 different spices, served on a bed of couscous. Cape Malay meets Boere Kos. East meets west. Everything is possible.

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