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 Cape Gourmet Adventure Tours
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We offer the following Exclusive Gourmet Excursions:

Private Breweries -Follow the path the beer flows

The Western Province in South Africa has it´s well deserved reputation for superb wine. But visitors might be surprised to discover that the Cape is also awash with beer. And not just big South African und international name brands. The region is also home to a busy industry of smaller scale craft beers. Real beer lovers anyway would not get their hand on an old mass-produced, sterile brew. The beer they are accustomed to is naturally and carefully brewed by small, independent breweries. Join us for a tour to the best micro breweries. Get the taste of a freshly brewed craft beer. read more...

The colourful taste of the winelands

The colourful taste of the winelands

Dining &Wining in a township of the Cape-Winelands is a diverse and literally colourful experience. Visitors are going to discover the cultural diversity of the local communities in the picturesque wine regions at the Cape of Good Hope. The people living here, many for generations, have a rich history and plenty stories to tell.

Enjoy a fascinating tour well of the beaten tracks. Indulge delicious traditional African cuisine and taste superb wines. Rejoice local music and listen to heartfelt stories as they relay experiences of the past, the present and hopes for the future. Visit the social history museum of a 320-year-old estate located in the original wine cellar. This shall be a memorable day! read more...

 Potjie & Braai (BBQ) - the colourful way of life at the Cape

Potjie & Braai (BBQ)
- the colourful way of life at the Cape

South Africans love to cook on fires. They do not need a special occasion, for instance a birthday party. Whenever friends get together they will light a fire. A few moments later fragrant smells of marinated meat and tangy spiced seafood are drifting around the house. read more...

 Cook, wine and dine with us - Exploration of the Cape Cuisine

Cook, wine and dine with us
- exploration of the Cape cuisine

The Cape Cuisine is unique. Its diversity is based on the historical influence of many cultures: African, European, Indian, and Malay, to name a few... If you want to get the real taste of the Cape Cuisine; cook, wine and dine with us. We offer cooking lessons with one of the Chefs of Cape Town as well as a dinner in a private atmosphere. read more...

 Political Drinks & Snacks with TV Correspondent

Political Drinks & Snacks with TV Correspondent

You are enjoying the sun, the beaches and the landscapes of Cape Town. That is fine. But you would probably also like to learn about the politics and society of the Rainbow Nation – as Nelson Mandela named the young democracy of South Africa. Certainly you will have many questions. Answers will be delivered first hand at a get together with drinks and snacks at the home of German TV producer and journalist Ludger Pooth. Meet real South Africans: citizens of various origin, culture and religion. read more...

 Individual and Private tastings at selected Wine Farms

Individual and private tastings at selected wine farms

The Western Cape produces some of the world's most outstanding wines. To taste them is an obligation for every connoisseur. The challenge is to find superb wines that others do not know. We will guide you through a tasting of South African wines at wine farms, where the wine maker and owner will take time introducing to you their divine products. read more...

 Guide through the Night Life of Cape Town

Guide through the night life of Cape Town

Cape Town is swinging! You will find a thrilling environment with Bars, discotheques, jazz clubs and concerts. There is no night without a splendid event. To find the right venue at the right time is not easy... but we know both. We will take you there, through the entire night and safely back home. read more...

Catch your own Seafood

The waters around the Cape of Good Hope are well known for their riches in seafood. The early Portuguese seafarers called the Cape: "Tavern of the Seas". Cape Town restaurants are pampering the gourmets with crayfish, oysters, calamari as well as various species of fish. Would you like to catch your own seafood and enjoy it later freshly prepared? No Problem! Early in the morning you will leave with a local fisherman for the fishing grounds. Set the cages for crayfish or try the fishing line for calamari. Around noon you will be back on shore proud of your catch and in cheerful anticipation of a good dinner.

We will organize everything necessary while you are relaxing from an exciting adventure. Later we will meet at for sundowners. Meanwhile the chef is preparing your catch. After dinner you will realise that seafood caught with your own hands taste best!

 Catch your own Seafood

 Wine & Dine in one of the restaurants on our exclusive list

Wine & Dine in one of the restaurants on our exclusive list

Cape Town, the Peninsula and the Winelands are offering a huge variety of excellent restaurants, the well known and the hidden. We will give you recommendations and reserve a table for you. If you wish, wine & dine in company with our Gourmet Guide. Of course, transport will be provided. read more...

 Going with the Wind - Sailing with S.Y. Foam

Going with the wind
- sailing the coast of Cape Town

Enjoy sailing across Table Bay, around Robben Island, to Camps Bay or Clifton. Simply relax and get a taste of the sights, the smells and sounds of the sea. Relish your drinks and meal in one of the most picturesque settings that the Cape Peninsula has to offer, anchored in the bays opposite the most beautiful beaches in South Africa. You can refresh yourself with a dive into the Atlantic Ocean or try your hand at fishing. Sailing with a long keel cutter, is an exclusive and individual experience.

 The Cape Gourmet Treasure Hunt

The Cape Gourmet Treasure Hunt

Hidden clues will lead you on the right track. Mysterious riddles will show the way. A talent in combination and a good nose are requested. Small teams will start early in the morning on the quest for the culinary treasures of Cape Town. Where to find the best and freshest ingredients for a three course menu? Those who find them will deliver to the chef in the afternoon for cooking. This game is a journey of discovery for gourmets through Cape Town. And it is as well a sightseeing tour of a different kind. The detective work will be rewarded with a dinner and prize giving.

Tours around the Cape Peninsula

The Cape Peninsula is well known for its beauty and tranquillity. It is the thin finger of land in the south-western most corner of Africa with the city of Cape Town at its head. As you travel south towards Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope, the land gets narrower with nothing beyond except Antarctica. In 1578 Sir Francis Drake described it as "The fairest cape in the whole circumference of the globe," and it still is. The flora and fauna is unique to the area and brightly coloured birdlife is prolific. Numerous scenic drives are so spectacular they require an unhurried approach to appreciate their stunning beauty. The Peninsula can be divided into the Atlantic coast on the west with the City of Cape Town and the False Bay coast on the east. While on the west coast the water is rather chilly than the east coast it does have an enviable ocean sunset. To take advantage of this spectacle, it is traditional to take a bottle of Cape sparkling wine to the top of Signal Hill or down to the beach. We will open a few bottles with you after an unforgettable tour around the peninsula.

 Tours around the Cape Peninsula

 Organisation of parties in extraordinary locations

Organisation of parties in extraordinary locations

Cape Town is the place to party... and there is always a reason. As a guest from overseas, you might not have the facilities to party like you would do at home. We have the facilities (indoor and outdoor) with catering in stunning locations. We will make you the perfect host.

 Connoisseur Contor Cape Town

Our Export Service for your shopping

Cape Town is a shopping paradise. Your little souvenirs, like the handbag from ostrich leather, the wooden carved elephant, the colourful embroidered table cloth. No Problem, these items will easily fit in your suitcase. But then you have discovered your favourite wine of which you would like to buy four, six or even more cases. Furthermore there are the two Zulu spears and the big Zulu shield. And what about the precious antique sideboard made from yellowwood? The question will arise: What about customs, the fees and cargo rates? Which items in which quantity are allowed to be exported from South Africa or imported into your home country. We will assist with the transport of your purchased goods home.

Additional Services offered:



If you prefer privacy during your visit in Cape Town, we recommend accommodation in a fully equipped apartment. We can also gladly assist you in booking your stay at luxurious guesthouses or wine farms. We will find accommodation that suit your requirements and tastes.

 Transport From and To Cape Town International Airport

Transport from and to Cape Town International Airport

On arrival or departure at Cape Town International Airport we arrange the transport for you. Minibus, spacious Limousines or even a Vintage Car can be arranged.

 Excursions to places of interest in vintage cars

Excursions to places of interest in vintage cars

Travel around Cape Town with style in a Vintage Car. Sightseeing in the City, discovering the Winelands, the spectacular Garden Route, where ever you want to go... Sit back and relax in a beautiful Vintage Car and let the chauffeur drive you safely to your destination and back.

 Shopping expeditions

Shopping expeditions

Go shopping with the specialists. Join a personalised trip that has been tailored around your specific interests. Whatever you want to buy... whether it is antiques, jewellery, diamonds, leather goods, arts & crafts, liquor, cigars, etc. The shopping specialist will guide you to the right shops... they've got the inside knowledge.

 Tours by Helicopter

Tours by helicopter

The Cape is famous for its diversity of the landscapes. The endless horizon of the sea, white beaches, wild coastlines, high mountains, green valleys and old forests. The Cape Peninsula offers a floral kingdom that is unique. Discover the beauty from a prime position on board a helicopter in crystal blue skies.

 Flights in Fighter Jets

Flights in fighter jets

Go where you have never been before. Exceed your expectations. Fly with the pilots in ex combat jets from the sixties. Attaining supersonic speed - the most thrilling experience. Escape the Cape with Mach 2.2 and climb on 60000 feet.

 Township Tour - a colourful experience

Township tour
- a colourful experience

Beyond Table Mountain, only half an hour's drive from Cape Town, you will find a different world. The townships, a harsh contrast to the luxury of Cape Town, tens of thousands of flimsy shacks made of wood and corrugated iron. A legacy of the apartheid times. If you want to get a new, colourful experience of South Africa a township tour will widen your horizon. Visit a shebeen, a typical African pub, see a sangoma, the traditional healer, or stroll through an African craft market. The tours through the townships are safe and designed to introduce you to the culture and diversity of South Africa.

 Golf, Fishing, Paragliding...

Golf, fishing, paragliding...

You are into outdoor sports. Cape Town and the Western Cape has plenty of activities to offer. Enjoy sailing with experienced skippers across Table Bay and the Atlantic Sea Board. Tee off from one of the most exquisite golf courses. Go Fishing on the Atlantic Ocean or at the banks of the lakes. Lift off from the mountain top and glide down over green slopes and white beaches. We will satisfy your sporting ambitions.



Whether your are on holiday in Cape Town or here for business, give your body and your soul a "timeout". Let internationally qualified beauty therapists pamper you with facial treatments and massages. Sweat out your daily stress in a steam bath. Later, let your mind flow at the pool. Enjoy all this in the tranquil atmosphere on a Wine Farm in Franschoek.

  • You can combine all offers to suit your individual needs.
  • On request, a professional camera man will cover your Gourmet Adventure with us.
  • Also available, are digital pictures of your Gourmet Adventure, written to Compact Disk.

We'll make your stay in Cape Town a memorable one!

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